Proving Peace of Mind from

First Mile to the Last Mile

Cloud based temperature monitoring.
Worry no more in transporting your
temperature-sensitive products





Wireless Temperature

Data Transfer

With Near Field Communication (NFC) Technology built-in to TMS Temperature Data Logger and with your NFC enabled smartphone or device. You can access the full temperature history of your products while in transport.

Ready to Use Report

Download temperature report and data from cloud space and export to PDF, XLS and CVS in your convenient

Safe and Secure Data

Truenorthaum Cloud Console has a SSL Certificate to secure and encrypt data. No need for subscription fee!

Breach Alert

Set temperature that your product requires. Breach in temperature will alert you in Email or SMS right away.

Track Down Your Product

Aside from temperature and humidity monitoring. Truenorthaum NFC Data Logger features Geolocalization, it automatically upload to cloud in each scan.

Truenorthaum Cloud Console

View and export temperature and humidity data, analyze geolocalization record anytime anywhere you are.
Manage user's dashboard and set your required temperature in every products.
All data are secured with no monthly subscription fee.


0.2°C precision between 0 and 30°C and 0.4°C on the rest of the range -30 to +70°C, with calibration certificate provided


When temperature breach happen while in transport, alert diode will light up and send notification on your smartphone.


With 2.5 mm thickness ,Truenorthaum Temperature Data Logger is protected and certified with IP 67 dust and water resistant


Easy to use data logger. Just push the start button and plug the logger in the box


At very affordable price, you can use the data logger up to 1 year depending on your application.


Track your delivery and have a peaceful mind in transporting your product

Truenorthaum Temperature Data Logger

is Compliant with the HACCP Rules

Truenorthaum NFC Temperature Data Logger is safe to use in your industry.
It is compliant with the HACCP, GDP and EN 12380 regulations.

Transport and Logistics

Temperature sensitive products need to monitor from time to time to assure that it is in required temperature and maintain it's quality of the product. Truenorthaum RF data logger assures you with accurate temperature reading and track down products while in transport.

Cold Storage

It is hard and quite challenging monitoring temperature and humidity of a huge cold storage area. Placing raw material at required temperature prolongs shelf life. With hassle-free installation, TMS data logger offer full coverage temperature monitoring for enormous area.


Temperature-sensitive products like medicines, vaccines and other medical drugs are should be stored in required temperature to prevent lose of its effectiveness. When temperature breach happened in storage area, TMS data logger will notify immediately by SMS or alert email.

An Easy and Smooth
Temperature Monitoring

In transporting and storing your products, there is a
right kit for you. Monitoring temperature made easy with
Truenorthaum wireless temperature data logger

Transport Kit


Inspection Kit


With Rugger Device