Drug Transport: Blulog's technology helps Hesnault to optimize the transport of pharmaceutical products

Blulog - startup specialised in securing the cold chain, equips Heshault's freight transport od pharmaceutical products to Comoros, with its NFC Data Logger.

Hesnault is a mid-sixe French forwarder based at Roissy Airport for air freight and at Le Havre port for Sea freight. Pioneer of international transit, Hesnault's line of business includes loading, positioning, packaging, and transportation of freight and cargo. Currently 95% of the business is focused on Africa, Indian Ocean and French pacific territories.

The company looked for a solution to allow one of its customers in the Comoros Islands to be aware of the temperature variations of their highly sensitive pharmaceutical producrs during the whole air transport process.

Blulog - a startup specialised in securing the cold chain, offers traceability and temperature monitoring solutions with integrated alert systems. The NFC data loggers are integrated in the boxes, to ensure good temperature maintenance during transport.

The air cargo : a sensitive and rigorous process.

The Hesnault group has invested in the air cargo. To this end, it has created the airline department "AIRENO", which has large freight processing facilities in Roissy (Hub) as well as order reception platforms in Orly, Marseille, Nice, Lyon and Bordeaux.

"Air transport is suitable for customers looking for booth speed and wide geographical coverage. We offer them tailor-made logistics, meeting their constraints and requirements. Also, for the transport of pharmaceutical products, we were looking for a simple but innovative solution to monitor the temperature during transport", explains Alain LORY, Director of Air Cargo Hesnault.

The air cargo requires proven and rigorous working methods. The logistics part of the business is an integral part of the transit process, often with a major containerization problem.

The temperature monitoring must be effective from the start, when the merchandise is transported from the supplier's warehouse to containerize or load it. Then, it has to cover the entire process : changes of carriers, transport to airports, clear customs, etc. Then, upon their arrival to Comoros, the goods have to be picked up and delivered to their final destination. The whole operation should be carried within the correct temperature limits.

Some drugs are very sensitive to atmospheric conditions and require specific transport. Thus, during the whole transport process, a particular temperature must be maintained. Beyond authorized temperature limits, the remedies become effective.

"We have been working for several months with TP3 Global, which provides a wide range of thermal protection materials used to protect the temperature of sensitive goods during air cargo. They suggested we work with Blulog, Whose solution they had already chosen for freight transport. Convinced and curious, we decided to test their NFC loggers last June", exlique Alain LORY, Director of Air Cargo Hesnault

An innovative and reliable technology for a continual temperature-monitoring during the air transport.

After having conducted a trial shipment, the company has been immediately seduced by the reliability and the practicality of the solution.

Since June 2016, Hesnault has been using the Blulog NFC loggers for their weekly shipments of pharmaceutical products to the Comoros Islands. There are two types of shipments, each of them with particular temperature conditions required: one for products stored within the limits of + 15 to + 25 ° and another for goods that need to be kept at temperature between + 2 / + 8 °.

The NFC loggers allow to monitor the temperature during the transport of thermosensitive products.

A transit agent turns on the NFC logger and then a subcontractor places it directly in the isothermal box.The device starts measuring the temperature immediately. At the arrival of the package, a customizable diode informs about eventual temperature excursions. The temperature history, as well as the geolocation and logistics informations are available using a smartphone equipped with the NFC technology.

"The deployment and management of the temperature monitoring process is extremely fast and beneficial to our daily work. It is an efficient and reliable solution which we can address to our customers in case of dispute. Blulog proves its innovation by providing NFC solution, that remains simple but that is also extremely modern" concludes Alain LORY, Director of Air Cargo Hesnault.

In conclusion

After a single trial shipment, Hesnault opted for the Blulog NFC solution for the transport of pharmaceutical products in the Comoros.

The company now has 30 NFC data loggers. Conquered by the solution, Hesnault wants to extend surveillance to other freight transport.

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