Small In Size

Bigger Inside

A small compact wireless data logger that can store all your temperature data. With cloud base data storage, you can access the full temperature history data whenever or wherever you are.

Cloud Based

No more USB needed. Retrieve your data using your free cloud console account. Unlimited access to your temperature or humidity data with no monthly subscription.​


Locate and analyse the delivery of your product. Real time location monitoring of your transport product not just temperature or humidity monitoring.

IP 68 Certified

A compact credit card size temperature data logger is certified with IP68 dust and water proof. Protected to environmental elements that can damage the logger.

Report Ready

Temperature report and data ready whenever or wherever you need it. Download the report you need from cloud in CSV, PDF or XLS file in your convenient.

Seamless Temperature

Data Transfer

No more USB cable for Temperature Data transfer! Our Data Logger equip with Near Field Communication (NFC) Technology. Just tap with an enabled NFC smartphone, temperature data will be directly right at the palm of your hand.


Life Span
36 days, 100 days single use and 1 year reusable data loggers with autonomous reading
Precise measurements - +/- 0.36°F between 32°F and 86°F; +/-0.9°F for balance of temp range
Bright LED's signal compliant or non-compliant conditions
Geolocation recording with each scan
Business card sized data loggers install within minutes
Compliant withFSMA, HACCP, GAMP, & IATA regulations
Environmental protection rating NEMA 4x (IP68)
Visualization of the whole data history through graphs. CSV, XLSX & PDF and temperature data reports
3.15” x 2.0” x .09” (80 x 50 x 2.5 mm)